Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for a Certified Bookkeeper

Getting Started

Bookkeeping is an integral part of running a successful business.

Accurate books provide small business owners with valuable information regarding the company’s financial performance, provide a measure of control against fraud, provide the basis for well-founded management decisions, and lessen the stress during tax season.

A few main reasons for outsourcing:

Cost efficiency – by outsourcing bookkeeping services, you eliminate the need for an internal accounting department and all associated costs such as payroll taxes, training, office space and equipment. Experienced bookkeepers may help optimize financial processes and identify areas where you can reduce expenses.

Access to Financial Expertise – Our staff provides access to financial expertise without you having to continuously research unfamiliar terms.

Focus on core business functions – outsourcing bookkeeping enables you to focus on your core business functions while leaving the financial details to a professional.

Quality results – When you outsource, you place your accounting in the hands of focused professionals who understand GAAP standards, payroll requirements, proper reporting and records management, and help with tax law compliance.

Scalability – as your business grows or experiences fluctuations in activity, a bookkeeper can adapt to handle increased workload during busy times and reduced work during slower periods.

Improved Financial Analysis and Reporting – If you require regular and detailed financial reports to make informed decisions, a bookkeeper can provide you with the necessary data and analysis.

Bookkeeping Services

-Bookkeeping systems setup

-Transaction Classification & Recording

-Bank and credit card account reconciliations

-Accounts receivables and accounts payables support

-invoicing and bill pay

-Balance sheets, profit & loss statements cash flow statements

-Job cost reporting

-Customized reports

-Sales tax reporting

-Ledger clean-up and catch-up

-Preparation of year end statements and work papers for tax accountant

-Monitoring of due dates and regulatory requirements

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We work with QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, FreshBooks, and Xero

That depends on the complexity of the business.

We are prepared to meet weekly, monthly, or quarterly.

For many of our clients, we work through the accounts on a monthly basis and may request one meeting per month to discuss any open items.

Tax and Compliance:

We are not tax accountants but are prepared to work with your tax preparer and also have developed partnerships with tax accountants should you not already have one.

We will prepare year end financial reports for your tax accountant to make tax filing as stress free as possible.

General Questions:

This is where our value and expertise come in. Proper expense categorization requires a working understanding of accounting principles.

Incorrect setup of the chart of accounts and individual sub-accounts, mis categorization of expenses, just to name a few.

Establish accurate books as a basis for your review. Improvement areas vary from business to business.

Yes, however, the basic requirement is to first understand your company’s finances.

Most important are balance sheet, profit & loss statements, statement of cash flow, AR and AP Aging reports.

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Uwe Schilli: Management degree, 20+ year executive management experience, QuickBooks Pro Advisor, Freshbooks partner

Casandra Schilli: Accounting degree, 20+ year accounting and payroll experience, QuickBooks Pro Advisor, Payroll Specialist

Both: 5 years of running a successful accounting business, mainly small business clients.

Let us review our plans with you to find the most beneficial package for your business.

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Let’s discuss your financial goals and tailor a service package that perfectly fits your needs. We’re here to help you unleash the power of financial clarity and transform your business into a success story.